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12350 NW 6Th St
Plantation Acres FL33325

Romantic 3 BR, 2 Bath Norman Rockewll Style Home
3 Bed, 2Bath, 3,520 Sq Ft
Property Type: Single Family Home


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Plantation Short Sales ::: CDPE
Patty DaSilva, CDPE
Certified Distressed Property Expert©
BROKER - Owner of Green Realty properties, Inc. REALTOR® & Licensed Mortgage Broker

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Plantation short sales occur when a lender agrees to receive less than the full loan balance due to a hardship on the part of the borrower. A short sale is a negotiation done through the lender's Loss mitigation department. The distressed homeowner hires a licensed REALTOR ® to list, market and sell the property for its current market value, even if less than the outstanding balance of the loan. Since the lender is receiving less than what it is owned, a short sale requires the lender's approval before the sale can close.

A Plantation short sale is executed to prevent a Plantation home foreclosure. Lenders will approve a well planned, well prepared, well presented short sale in order to avoid the costs of a foreclosure that can reach tens of thousands of dollars.

The advantages that a successful Plantation short sale brings to a Plantation homeowner are too numerous to list here, but they include the end of the foreclosure proceedings against the borrower, minimum impact on the credit history (compared to the devastating impact a foreclosure would bring), ability to maintain current employment and obtain future employment. A Plantation short Sale is a complex, detailed and time consuming transaction and a distressed homeowner's financial future solely depends on his/hers decision of hiring a professional who specializes in and is an expert on Short Sales.

The short sale of your home in Plantation will result in a positive impact for all parties involved:

Positive #1: You will be able to avoid the devastating effects that a Plantation foreclosure will bring to your credit score, your job security and to your public record (foreclosure is a public record and can never beremoved). A Plantation short sale will possibly affect your credit rating, but accompanied by a good credit rebuilding plan, you will likely be able to own a home in 2 short years!

Positive #2: With a short sale in Plantation, your current lender will avoid the extremely expensive foreclosure proceedings.

Positive #3: The buyer of the short sale property in Plantation will be purchasing your property at a great value.

Positive #4: Your Plantation neighborhood will benefit by not having a bank owned property by choosing a short sale!

Patty DaSilva, CDPE©, is a full time full service REALTOR/Broker/Owner of Green Realty and your Plantation short sale expert. Patty DaSilva, CDPE© will guide you through the short sale process and help you decide if a Plantation short sale is the right decision for you and your family.

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Plantation Short Sales ::: CDPE
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ou've made the decision to buy or sell a luxury home, and now it's time to select the real estate professional who can best assist you. Not all good agents operate effectively in the upper-tier market.  It is a market segment that requires special competencies.  As a member of The Institute for Luxury Home Marketing, Patty Dasilva is able to provide high quality service to her buyers and sellers of luxury homes.
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Disclaimer: FTC/MARS Disclosure for short sale sellers: Green Realty Properties ® is not associated with the government, and our service is not approved by the government or your lender. Even if you accept this offer and use our service, your lender may not agree to change your loan. If you stop paying your mortgage, you could lose your home and damage your credit.
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